connecting web3 actors to web3 lawyers

A blockchain-based token-run growing community of legal service providers aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of Web3 projects


MetaverseLegal consists of three pillars:



There is a shortage of skilful lawyers with practical knowledge of Web3, who can help shaping the projects of tomorrow.

In a soon to be regulated Web3, off-chain lawyers with the sole goal to prevent competition and danger that classic institutions face from Web3, do not seem a progressive choice.


The classic image that Law Firms fight to preserve is one of power, showcased in golden palaces covered in expensive artwork. Ultimately, it is the client that pays for it.


Big Law is tied up in a rigid hierarchy which makes it difficult for talent to emerge.

It is time to get rid of the outdated legal culture, a monopolised market and rigid rules.


MetaverseLegal leverages blockchain technology to empower lawyers to collaborate beyond any physical or geographical constraint and to create a common repository of legal knowledge on Web3.

We have developed an environment where power is radically decentralized, democratized and distributed based on transparent, meritocratic criteria. Living in this environment, the lawyers of tomorrow are born ready to contribute their share to the Web3 revolution.

It is time for the legal industry to undergo a disruptive change, because Web3 needs its own law and its own lawyers. 

MetaverseLegal aims to implement this change by bringing together, training and connecting savvy and visionary lawyers who understand and work with the emerging technologies, being able to revolutionise the legal field in Web3.

Choose wisely, choose MetaverseLegal!



Token launch

MetaverseLegal will soon launch the $MVLGL token. The token will regulate the activities of the community and  provide incentives to collaboration. The related KPIs will be disclosed at the time of the launch.


Exam implementation

MetaverseLegal will facilitate an exam to issue a certification for all lawyers/legal experts that can demonstrate adequate knowledge of legal issues related to Web3. If obtained, the certificate, in the form of an NFT, will represent the gateway to the DAO.


DAO launch

MetaverseLegal will launch its DAO – the first ever community of specialized lawyers and legal experts in Web3 that fosters collaboration, streamlines work and provides for a transparent meritocratic environment.

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